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  • Hey everyone,

    I’m finally ready to get this contest going! I will be giving out several goodies. Including a 1/1 of the Innkeepers printers proof on white paper (only one ever made), a sketched Sangre por Sangre , some original artwork, a few random prints and even some surprises! Interested? Here are the details:

    I would like to get my mailing list going and gain more followers so there will be 2 winners in this contest. One random twitter follower (who mentions either @hagcult or the hagcult website in a tweet) and one random subscriber from the mailing list. Depending on the response, I may have a few other things for runners up! Contest ends in 2 weeks.

    You can sign up here for the hagcult mailing list!

    You can follow me on twitter here!

    Also, here is a sneak peek at the upcoming print!
    For anyone interested in the Knoxville Horror Film Fest posters, those will be available (without the ad text) around Halloween.

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