HCG’s King for a Day – An Art Tribute to Stephen King

Been a bit too long since my last post but hopefully this will be a good one! Tonight is Hero Complex Gallery’s “King for a Day – An Art Tribute to Stephen King” show. I have been really looking forward to this one for a while! Being a huge Stephen King fan, it was incredibly difficult to pick out a story to pay tribute to. In the end, my love for the combination of westerns, horror, and science fiction prevailed and I based my illustration on “The Dark Tower: Gunslinger.”

For this piece I wanted to combine my love for spaghetti western’s (inspired by Iginio Lardani’s iconic opening title sequences) with some of the more memorable parts in Roland Deschain’s journey in search of “The Man in Black.” I remember the first time reading this story being filled with so many interesting imagery that I couldn’t help but want to create something based off of this book.

My piece, “L’Ultimo Cavaliere,” is a 3 color silkscreen print on 80 lb French Paper (Pop Tone:Red Hot) and an edition of 40. The size is an easy to hang 9″x 12″ for $15. Hope you enjoy!