Marvelous Humans at Articulated Gallery

Last night was the opening for Creep Machine’s curated show “Marvelous Humans” at Loved To Death’s Articulated Gallery in San Francisco. The artwork was to be inspired by the human marvels that have since passed or are still alive. Although I was unable to attend, I do want to share the painting I made for the show. “The Courtesan From Martinique” is inspired by the story of Blanche Dumas, a girl from the island of Martinique born with three legs and two vaginas. She later moved to Paris where she became a courtesan and had many admirers. The piece is available at Articulated Gallery. If you are interested in the piece, you may contact me and I can direct you to the proper channels. If you are in the San Francisco area make sure to stop by and check it out! Hope you enjoy!