Picasso vs Matisse print event: Thelemic Dance I

Over a month ago I was invited to participate in a Picasso vs Matisse print event curated by the incredibly talented, Alan Campbell. The print event is a grouping of artists coming together to create new prints referencing or being inspired by the work of Picasso and Mattise. The event started June 7th, with a new print being released each week.

Up for sale this week will be my contribution to the event, “Thelemic Dance I,” which is inspired by Matisse’s “Dance” paintings. The print will be on 100lb black licorice/poptone french paper with gold ink. It will be a small edition of 20. The size is 12.5”x19” and will go for $18 dollars + shipping and handling. The print will be available Thursday, June 21st through the HAG CULT store.