Required Reading at G88!

Last Friday at Gallery 1988 was the Required Reading show! I was really excited for this one as I got to pick an author and book to base my art off of. I chose an author that is really close to my heart, the great Ray Bradbury! I present to you my newest print “Shadow Show” based off of “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

For this piece, I wanted to make it look like a carnival handbill. I remember the first time I read this, I was terrified at the character of Mr. Dark (the Illustrated Man) having tattoos of Will and Jim on his palms, so I thought that might be an interesting bit to include in my illustration along with the other alluring acts. This piece is sized at 12 x 18 inches, is a two color silkscreen (gold metallic), and an edition of 35.

They are still available here for anybody that is interested. G88 currently has 30% most of their inventory! Here are a few of my pieces that are on sale right now: