Process shots for “Petty Vengefulness”

As the year 2011 is slowly approached by a creeping death, I would like to make one final update. The month of December has forced me to work through the unexpected and manage to meet those new deadlines and personal art goals on time, despite having new work added to my existing pile. I’m proud to have learned how to work through the stress and put all that negative energy into something good and productive. With that said, I would love to give you a view at one special piece I have been secretly working on this month for a generous soul.

The “Petty Vengefulness” is a piece inspired by many things, most of which, I hope, the viewer can pick up. I started out with a very linear sketch the way I usually do. I tried my best to create most of the tension in the facial expression and posture.

Petty Vengefulness

For this piece I knew from the very beginning exactly what color scheme I was leaning towards and I was really set on capturing a certain mood. Here are some shots I took during the process. Hope you enjoy and have a Happy New Year!