Underneath the Surface

When I first created the illustration Underneath the Surface (inspired by Blue Velvet), it was with the intention of making it a print. I thought it would be a fun idea to use some elements from the Pabst Blue Ribbon can in my design. I hadn’t had a chance to print these until recently. They turned out really well. The screenprints themselves are with dark blue and silver inks. Each “18” x 24″ print will be unique as they will be hand embellished with red inks (screen inks). Here is a mock up of what they may look like, please keep in mind the red inks will not be exactly as this, as they are hand embellished and every piece will be different. I will be releasing this edition of 45 for sale next week for $25. If you’d prefer not to have red ink, please let me know! Cheers!